Previous cooperations

50Hertz Transmission GmbH

  • System management in the control area during a system failure of the European grid
  • Design of a system safety trainers
  • High performance transmission technology
  • High-performance operation of 380 kV-overhead line

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG​

  • Analysis of transients of a static frequency converter (Austria)

Deutsche Energieagentur GmbH​

  • Development of energy, efficiency, transmission and distrubution saving systems (Russia)

Vattenfall Powerconsult GmbH​

  • Due Diligence for transmission and distributions systems (Russia)
  • Due Diligence for transmission and distributions systems (Poland)
  • Study about security of electricity supply (Kosovo)
  • Supervison of the construction of a 765 kV-overhead line (South Africa)


  • Dimensioning of sheath-voltage limiter for a 110 kV-cable

GE Grid Solutions​

  • Insulation co-ordination of  550 kV-substation  (Russia)
  • Insulation co-ordination of  110 kV-substation  (Austria)
  • Grid study of  an aluminum smelter (Argentina)
  • Measurements of  DC components  on an 420 kV-transformer
  • Switching of  compensation reactors in transmission systems (Kuwait)
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