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We have experiences in the field of network planning, network analysis and system management of large power systems with focus on:

  • Planning, modernization and operation of transmission and distribution systems
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of overhead lines, cables and substations (Due Diligence of high, medium and low voltage grids)
  • Management of electric power systems regarding load flow, voltage control and reactive power management, frequency control and system security

New installations of renewable generation will be particularly effected in the distribution systems. Thereby it is necessary to provide the electrical systems with ancillary services. In doing so, we can help to identify potential opportunities and the provision of ancillary services by renewable generation facilities. We support you in the integration and operation of wind and solar power in the transmission and distribution networks.

We have extensive experience in the field of insulation co-ordination . Therefore we are able to deal with the insulation co-ordination of your switchgears and resources. This includes the selection of rated voltages and the selection of the surge arresters.

We are member:

  • DKE 122 (IEC 60071)
  • IEC-MT9 (IEC 60071:2)
  • CIGRE WG C4.23 (Guide to Procedures for Estimating the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines)

We simulate and evaluate power electronic equipment for the transmissions and distribution systems, including HVDC systems and inverters. We have the software and the experience .

We calculate and evaluate transient phenomena in electric power systems.

It is possible for us to determine temporary, slow-front and fast-front overvoltages and find necessary measures against them.

We have longtime experiences in the field of earthing methods of distribution systems, therefore we are able to analyze your current star point treatment and derive necessary actions. We can support you in the star point conversion and where appropriate, conduct the required measurements.

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